Career Opportunities

ICM technology impacts every level of the industry, from farming communities to the global biofuel economy. We are looking for people who possess the skills to help us advance the ICM brand and, in turn, bioenergy and feed technologies worldwide. We are more than a groundbreaking company. We are a great place to work.

Faith, family and job

Experience a family-oriented, faith-based work environment that values respect and integrity. Our company philosophy encourages lifelong learning and drives innovation.



To ensure your long-term success at ICM, we foster talent by:

Establishing an environment that accommodates learning opportunities.

Sharing knowledge and applying experience in ways that promote continuous improvement.

Encouraging employees to actively engage in their own professional development.



We promote transparency and honesty in all communication. We value:

Courage to listen with humility.

Respect for differences of opinion.

Integrity to acknowledge the best perspective to meet ICM’s needs.



We assist fellow employees, customers and partners by:

Asking the question, “How can I help?”

Contributing time, talent and financial resources to organizations that serve those in need.



We take unconventional approaches that lead to positive innovation. We ask employees to:

Try new things.

Explore new ideas.

Value different experiences.

Promote inventive thinking.



Our commitment to excellence drives us to:

Be the preeminent leader in technology offerings and service.

Provide consistent, high-quality experiences for internal and external customers.

Join the ICM team

Discover opportunities to exercise your talents on the leading edge of technology while enjoying the rewards that come with working for the most respected name in the industry.

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