Process Engineering

Process Engineering

As a leading designer of biorefineries, ICM offers the highest level of understanding when it comes to the inputs and outputs of ethanol production and animal feed. ICM’s bolt-on technologies are specifically engineered to work within your current processes. We are also experts at modifying existing plant infrastructures to improve operational efficiency.

About ICM engineers

Over 50 associates comprise our engineering team, including licensed professionals with advanced degrees. More than half are industry veterans who have been with ICM for 10-20 years.

Close collaboration

From concept to execution, we promote collaboration between customers, engineers, project managers and members of our research and development team. Working together helps us fully understand your goals and guarantees the best possible results.

Project management

Our project management team guides every phase of the collaboration process toward meeting your expectations. Project managers validate the scope of work, oversee all disciplines of engineering and design, and contract and manage construction (including startup, commissioning and training). They are always available to provide customer service.

Process-based solutions

Our approach to engineering includes preparing a mass and energy balance, process flow diagrams, and process and instrumentation diagrams. We then apply the expertise of our piping designers, electrical engineers and automation engineers to make sure customers benefit from the most efficient process-based solutions.

process-based solutions
ICM-Engineered Results

With an established track record for achieving performance guarantees, ICM engineering delivers numerous benefits.

  • Less piping
  • Batch processing
  • Efficient evaporation and distillation
  • Ease of operation
  • Improved process control
  • Cost-effective upgrades
  • 24-hour plan support always
ICM Engineered Results

At ICM, emergency solutions are available day or night, including holidays.
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