Opportunities for Success in Multiple Markets

Opportunities for Success in Multiple Markets

We offer a variety of building options and custom-designed solutions that help plant operators meet their goals.

New biorefinery

An ICM-designed grain biorefinery produces valuable differentiated products that serve the fuel, animal feed and power markets. A diversified portfolio will help increase the bottom line.

Flex biorefinery

An integrated biorefinery operates on sugarcane or grain, depending on the feedstock season. Continuous production can maximize profits by increasing uptimes and product diversification.

Co-located biorefinery

A co-located biorefinery is a separate grain plant that shares resources with an existing sugarcane plant. Both operate at full capacity, yielding the most potential profit.

Other offerings

ICM provides other engineering services and related technologies for grain processing, including off-the-shelf or designed solutions to address specific needs.

Learn more about how ICM technologies can enhance the capability and profitability of your plant.