Plant evaluation and optimization

ICM technologies have already been proven in numerous ethanol plants, which is why producers around the world trust our brand to deliver efficiency gains. From evaluations to expansions, we provide a range of services to help you reach your operational goals.

Plant evaluation and optimization
Integration and optimization of technologies

ICM develops customized solutions based on your operations. We guide you through the entire process of integrating equipment and technologies. From start to finish, ICM technicians remain on-site to make sure your plant functions at the highest level possible.

Plant evaluations
by experts

We can evaluate every aspect of your business, including equipment performance, plant management, nutrition analysis and operational costs. Performance evaluations help you create a plan for improving efficiency and positioning your plant as a strong competitor in the market.

Plant expansion

We perform large-scale plant modifications for producers who wish to increase their production volume and generate additional streams of revenue. ICM technologies are engineered to bolt onto existing operations.

Automation and instrumentation

ICM’s automation and instrumentation solutions allow you to track operations, manage plant performance and proactively troubleshoot any issues. We design systems that not only give you superior process control, but they are also easy to manage.

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