Thin Stillage Solids Separation System


through solids separation

By removing suspended solids from the thin stillage stream, TS4™ improves efficiency and allows equipment to process stillage at a higher feed rate while using less energy. It can help your plant reduce maintenance costs, energy costs and chemicals needed for CIP. Our patent-pending TS4™ technology also provides opportunities for creating diversified feed products.

Improving efficiency
Up to
25% increase
in dryer and evaporator capacities

Removing suspended solids from thin stillage increases capacity while saving energy.

Up to
10% increase
in corn distillers oil yield

Equipment can process low-viscosity streams faster and more efficiently.

Reduce or
Eliminate excess

TS4™ reduces or eliminates lower-value syrup sales.

Did you know TS4™ is a platform that offers operational benefits and enables the production of higher-value feed products? Learn more about increasing your bottom line.